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Research from KPMG shows that 35 per cent of employed Australians have no disability insurance, and 19 per cent of households have no life insurance. And that isn't the whole problem: when they add underinsurance to non-insurance, KPMG finds Australians are underinsured for disability by $304 billion, and underinsured for premature death by $800 billion.

How can you tackle underinsurance problem in Australia? By letting people to find out how much they actually would pay for the insurance. You'll be pleasantly surpirsed as most of the time it's cheaper than you expect.

A lot of companies provide life insurance quotes in Australia. But everyone asking contact details upfront. The thought of beeing "harrased" by salesperson is another hurdle for an ordinary Aussie to protect himself and his family. So we thought we remove this hurdle!

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